Violet Rivers

Name: Violet Rivers

Other Aliases/Nick names: Vi

D.O.B.: May 3rd 2019

Sex: Female

Brief Physical Description: Violet hair and nails Blue eyes. 5'9" (175cm) otherwise innocuous appearance.

Power Rating 3
Note due to the nature of her MORFS changes see also Jennifer Rivers

Threat Level
orange.gifSubject to outbursts of temper, and enough power to be dangerous.

First Appears in:

  • Flux

Stories as Main Character:

  • Flux

Stories as Minor Character:

Stories as Guest/Cameo Character:

Physical Enhancements:

  • Nails made from a nacre like substance making them very tough and sharp.
  • Both Jennifer and Violet are clones of the original Tom Rivers in terms of memory and initial personality. They share a body but have diverged to quite different personalities and abilities. When one is in control the other is still aware but unable to move or control any part of their shared body, they eventually learn to communicate directly with each other inside their shared head. Each have a set amount of time in control based on their body's natural cycles. They can stretch their time in control preventing their twin taking over (either through their own force of will or with the cooperation of their twin) but this is only effective for so long and means longer has to be spent out of control before they can switch (even with their twins cooperation).
  • Very High Metabolism

Specialty Class/ Psionics

  • Telekinesis - Localised to her own body she basically constructs a TK exoskeleton which greatly augments her strength as well as absorbing a great deal of damage. Somewhat passive in that it requires very little energy to maintain if she is doing nothing but will require more energy depending on how much strength she needs or damage she absorbs. It is possible to run down her batteries and leave her mostly unprotected.

Affiliations / Group Membership:

  • Member of a criminal gang of morfs survivors.
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