Detailed Timeline

Key to events:

  • Tech
  • Story
  • Birth of Character
  • Political or Social
  • Key event

December 25th, 2008: Outbreak of MORFS causing virus

Summer of 2010: First MORFS blood tests become available in Japan also made available online

2010: Ghost

July 4, 2011: Birth of Jet and Quartz Carmichael

Winter of 2011: First MORFS Transition Aid Energy Kits made available in an orally ingested format

September 17, 2012: Birth of Walter Hartman aka Sinthia Hartman

2015: Founding of Sun City by Noah Eglington

2015: Civil war starts in Ecuador

January 23, 2017: Birth of Emily Owen

May 28, 2019: Birth of Rob/Bobbi Sandstrom

2020: From Jason to Jessica

May 16, 2020: Birth of Amanda Wilson

2021: Radical morfs survivors take over Army in Ecuador

November 10, 2025: Birth of Gabe Kramer aka Blitz

November 11, 2025: Birth of Brent Johns aka Maren Zoë Johns aka Synergy

2027: Altruists

May 14, 2027: Birth of Sanura Anne Miller

August 24, 2027: Birth of Logan Miller

2028: Gone with the Wind

2029: Tale of The Improbables: Wolf's Tale

2029: Tale of The Improbables: Tale Two: Stheno

2030: Beyond the Sea

2030: Tale of Jet and Quartz

December 20, 2031: Birth of Sara Louise Neumer

2032: Sun City officially recognised as a city, Noah Eglington made mayor

Summer 2032: SHAME starts to organize in Kansas

March 3, 2033: Birth of Erik(Mia) and Julia Walker

October 29, 2033: Birth of Veronica McKenzie

October 6, 2034: Birth of Jamie Dasley

April 26th, 2035: We Can Work It Out

June 29, 2035: Birth of Benito Sanchez

Summer, 2035: Flux

October, 2035: Salamander

November 26, 2035:Start of Salamander 2

2036: Freeze Frame

2036: The Boy, The Girl, and How MORFS Came Between Them

December 2036: Freeze Frame: A Christmas Tale

July 3rd, 2041: Kansas State Government passes law defining Hybrids as exotic animals.

July, 2041: Start of Synergy's story

February, 2042: Start of OhnomoreHybrid aka Blitz

March 6th, 2042: Synergy blows up a mountain with the force of an Nuclear explosion

March 7, 2042: Birth of Allison Von Carstien

March 8th, 2042: Blitz causes an electrical storm to go haywire

July 3rd, 2042: Kansas exotic animal law amended, requiring registration, and collaring of all exotic animals.

2043: Yin Yang

February 21, 2043: Birth of Laura Miller

April 11th, 2043: Sanura's Tale

September 4th, 2043: Birth of Elizabeth Baker (Sizzle)

October 1, 2043: Birth of Dana McKenna (Flutter)

February 5, 2044: Birth of Angel O'Connor

2045: Loving my bunny girl

2046: Eight Ways

2046: Losing Myself

2046: Feral

2047: Grey

2047: Byakko

June 29, 2048: Start of Passaro

2048: Schism

2048: Shave and a Haircut

2048: Yin Yang

November 29th, 2048: Birth of Rose Reid, aka Rosetta

January, 2049: SCOTUS rules on Judson vs Board of Education. Overturns certain dress codes. Ruling explicitly acknowledges humanity and Constitutional rights of MORFS survivors.

2049: Here On Earth

2049: Rage of the Earth

2050: Voice of Chaos

2051: Case Files of Dr. Sanura Miller - Casefile: 4572

August 8, 2051: Birth of Alice Sakamoto

2056: Launch of Orbital City Tenkei by Tetsuo Sakamoto

2057: Poison

2057: The Hardest Alloy

2057: Sounds Like A MORFS Story

2059: Flutter

2059: Sizzle

2060: Discovery of illegal drugs Inferno by law enforcement organizations everywhere

2060: Birth of Orrin Pratt, aka Oriana Pratt aka Raven

2060: Angel's Tale

2060: Rosetta

2060: Better Late Than Never

2060: Endless Possibilities

2060: Journey To Humanity

2060: Wild Child

2060: Creation of the Elemental Team by Sanura

2061: Through the looking Glass

2062: Incomplete Without You

2063: Catalyst

2068: Angel's Wings

2070: Mind Control

2070: Primal

2072: Election of Iris Janice Pratt as the first black female President of the USA

2076: Re-election of Iris Janice Pratt for her second term as President of the USA

2076: Primal 2 – Katie’s Return

2077: Falling Off The Earth

2077: First Hybrid

2077: Wyvern

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