Time Elementals

The Standard Time Elemental Powers

Time Elementals have the ability to control, or distort time.
The degree to which they can alter time varies from individual to individual and the manifestation can be different.There are (at the moment) two types of time users, distorters and travellers. A time distorter works much like Sara Neumer (from Grey by Nist Shadow) powers, capable of changing the flow of time for a specific mass. Travellers can move through time using probably the same sort of system as a teleporter might.

Analogy For Time Elementals

Imagine Time as a great river and each of us are in a boat without a paddle, floating along with the current. Now imagine that a Time Distorter is someone who has a paddle. They are able to slow down or speed up the speed at which they over along the river, even holding themselves at a stop if they so choose. Now a Time Traveler would be a person who simply paddles to the edge of the river, gets out and then moves to another point of the river where they put their boat back in the water.

Characters with this power:

  • Jet Carmichael (Tale of Jet and Quartz)
  • Sara Louise Neumer (Grey)
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