Tenkei Facts

Tenkei Facts:

  • launched in 2056
  • created from a volcanic island in the south pacific , originally owned by Japan
  • ownership of the city was disputed by Japan, but the UN recognizes it as a separate country
  • until 2061, Tenkei needed to be moved back into its correct orbital position each month
  • population is maintained near one million people through strict immigration controls
  • 15 kilometres long and 7 kilometres wide [at its widest point]
  • 5 singularities used as power plants
  • shaped like a rugby ball, or North American football
  • 11 rows of domes labelled Alpha to Lambda
  • Alpha Three and Lambda Three are the largest domes in Tenkei, at 1500 metres
  • contains three sets of docking ports. Since shuttle bay one still has airlocks, it's considered obsolete but still functions
  • shuttle bay 2 and 3 are larger and use an electrostatic force field to maintain air pressure without the need of airlocks
  • surface gravity is slightly less than 1G and varies across the surface due to distance from the closest singularity
  • gravity increases as you go deeper, getting closer to the power plants
  • anyone within 2000 metres if any power plant need to be protected from high G's
  • all personnel working near the power plants must be a gravity disruptor

Row Names and Number of Domes:

  1. Alpha – 3 – massive entertainment district, location of the Petting Zoo
  2. Beta – 4
  3. Gamma – 5
  4. Delta – 7 – Delta One is the universities main campus. Delta Two is the dome mentioned in Beware The jabberwocky and is the location of Everyone's Place
  5. Epsilon [or Echo] – Logan's Terrace is a set of luxury condos at Echo Eight
  6. Zeta – also has 8 domes all other rows have less
  7. Eta – 7
  8. Theta – 6
  9. Iota – 5
  10. Kappa – 4
  11. Lambda – only contains 3 domes, same as Alpha. Lambda Three is Tetsuo Sakamoto's private estate

All addresses in Tenkei are related to row name, dome number and level. For example the Petting Zoo mentioned in Flying High is located at Alpha three, level 300. Another example from the same story is John Watson's apartment in Logan's Terrace. This is Echo Eight apartment 1227, located on the twelfth level from the the surface of Tenkei.

Some of the deepest areas of Tenkei are the power generating stations. These can go as deep as a thousand levels and over three kilometers below the surface.

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