The Standard Telepathic Powers

Someone with the ability to read the thoughts of others, they also usually have the ability to have two way conversations with other people. More advanced use of this ability can be used to influence the brains at more fundamental levels, but this takes training and practice.

Telepaths and Law Enforcement

Telepaths can't be used to prove a person guilty of a crime. They can use their ablities to prove a person innocent but only with that persons permission. These rules typically only apply in the western world how less civil rights concious societies use telepaths might well be more flexible.

Characters with this power:

  • Helena "Lena" Morgan (a.k.a. Radar from Angel's Tale)
  • Zackary Thomas Klein (a.k.a. Trance from Sanura's Tale)
  • Katie Milner (Primal)
  • Daniel Montro (a.k.a. Mindcontrol)
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