Story by: Shrike
Locations: Savannah, Georgia
Date set: July 2041
Date first published: 12th of June 2006
Number of Parts: 10
Main Character/s:

Other Characters:

  • Naomi Landers née Johns - Maren's Mother
  • Isabel Johns - Maren's Sister
  • Lars Johns - Maren's Father
  • Martin Iverson - Maren's friend a.k.a Snake
  • Lance Thorsson - Maren's friend a.k.a Batman
  • Gavin Benson - MORFS councillor and telepath
  • Denise ? Maren's friend a.k.a The Match
  • Mandy Simms - Maren's friend
  • Cynthia Hosier - Maren's archenemy at school
  • Leona ? - Maren's friend a.k.a Leo
  • Shane Gannen - New stepfather
  • Ron Berkhof - Maren's friend
  • Penny Berkhof - Maren's friend
  • Melissa Berkhof - Maren's friend
  • Carrie Berkhof - Maren's friend
  • Gabe Kramer - Maren's friend a.k.a Blitz
  • Sergeant Lando Johns - Maren's uncle

A boy with a serious disease has a purist as a father. When he goes through his MORFS, his world changes.Not only does he become a hybrid, he changes gender as well. Now as a reluctant girl she has to make new friends and find her way again in the world. Gradually she finds her way in womanhood, her powers and the world around her. She re-establishes relations with her lost sister and is persued by some organization.

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