In order of creation

Sanura's Tale by Britney.
The first story that started the universe off. Sanura's Tale follows the life of a young man turned into a very feline catgirl, her life takes an interesting new path as her new abilities and powers bring her under the scope of more then one group.

Grey by Nist.
In everyone exists the possibility of a killer. In some it is such a small part of them that it never shows its face except in extreme cases. In others it is such a large part of their lives, their make up, their very existence that every action, every thought, might bring them to the point where someone’s life ends in their hands. Sara was raised on the edge, brought up to stand on the brink and stare out over the abyss. A simple rope is all that holds her from falling in, sadly though that rope is fraying.

Yin Yang by Britney.
MORFS can do some really strange things. Logan goes into the deep coma pretty much as everyone does. And wakes up as Laura. All right, what's new about that? it happens to many MORFS victims. Then, she meets Logan …

Shave and a Haircut by Veronica Haylee McKenzie.
Ronald McKenzie was a misfit and a social outcast before that day… Then MORFS ravaged his body, leaving him a her, and awakening a dark, mysterious past within her. Now, as Chronastasia, she must find a way to control her ever-increasing powers before the very fabric of space-time is destroyed. Can she repair the damage she accidentally caused, or will she be cursed to forever travel the broken road, never again to find her way home???

Tale of Jet and Quartz by Darian Deamos.
The son's of the ultra-conservative and religious senior senator from California come down with MORFS, and within days find that everything about their world is based on a foundation of lies. With their identities ripped away, how will they cope, and what will they do to regain their lives…

Angel's Tale by Joreymay.
MORFS changes a boy into a girl with relatively weak bio elemental powers. Making the best of what she was given, she learns new tricks, gains powerful friends (and enemies), and adapts to her new sex.

Passaro by Oliver McDonald. Synopsis: Just before school summer holidays 13 year old Benito Sanchez has undergone MORFs becoming a hidden hermaphrodite visible hybrid in a state that has enacted laws against Hybrid Morfs, considering them to non-human. In the story Ben and his family deal with these problems and other consequences of his transformation.

Synergy by Shrike.
A boy with a serious disease has a purist as a father. When he goes through his MORFS, his world changes.
Not only does he become a hybrid, he changes gender as well. Now as a reluctant girl she has to make new friends and find her way again in the world. Gradually she finds her way in womanhood, her powers and the world around her.

Here On Earth by E. Red
A pair of fraternal twins catch the same strain of virus that sets off changes that will alter the very core of their relationship. The overprotective twin brother becomes the weaker of two sisters, and must learn to cope. Meanwhile, a terrorist group takes interest in the twins, setting their eyes on acquiring the pair out from under the noses of the government. And all of this comes wrapped around an enigma, in the form of a silent little girl, and what she sees in their future…

Salamander by EMW.
A young boy whose parents are anti-MORFS fanatics and who lives in a small village populated by anti-MORFS fanatics undergoes MORFS and turns into a hybrid girl. She then has to go on the run to escape her family, who with the exception of her sister are intent on killing her.

Eight Ways by Treoszero.

Tale of The Improbables: Wolf's Tale by Darian Deamos.
Jack Daniels was just a normal Brooklyn kid. That is, if normal Brooklyn kids are orphans taking care of their little sister after the senseless death of moderately famous parents, and possess genius IQ's. Then it all falls apart, and things can never be the same again…
(Warning: contains scenes of torture and violence. not for the squeamish)

Better Late Than Never by Ray Drouillard.
Doctors Howard and Sara Martin have been studying MORFS since MORFS first appeared. As some of the world's foremost experts on MORFS, they were ready when Larry and Cindy, their twins, came down with the condition. But before they could catch their collective breath, they received the opportunity to study MORFS from a completely different perspective.

Voice of Chaos by Twilight Void.

Journey To Humanity by Ray Drouillard.
Matthew Jones is the only son of Randy Jones, honored deacon of the Church of Genetic Purity. He and his girlfriend, Amy Cox, have been taught from birth that MORFS is a symptom of moral depravity. While they had quietly questioned that doctrine, they were not prepared for the opportunity to find out for themselves.

We Can Work It Out by Terry Volkirch.
In this story, MORFS chips away at the intolerant attitudes of a large conservative town and adds spice to what might otherwise be a fairly common tale of young love.

Case Files of Dr. Sanura Miller - Casefile: 4572 by Britney.
At a mere 28 years old, Sanura Miller is now an esteemed Doctor specializing in the new field of Elementology and Operator of the National MORFS Elemental Registry Database. Dr. Miller has taken it upon her to help police the Elementals of the world. These are her case files.

Endless Possibilities by RyuSensei.
Michael Thomas is an average man with an average life. Surrounded my MORFS survivors that make the impossible possible, he'd given up hope of ever being anything special. Then one day the ultimate carrot is dangled in front of him.

Rosetta by Joreymay.
A young girl with a speach problem and minor learning disability goes to Pope Hill, and gets more than she expected. Then she gets involved with some powerful older teenagers…

Ohnomorehybrid by Shrike.
A boy born as a full hybrid canine goes through MORFS at an early age and becomes more humanlike. The family got kicked out of their country and moved to a MORFS enclave in Canada. There the boy is harassed at school for being a hybrid, but he catches MORFS again just when he gets beaten up. This time he changes into a normal looking human with an Elemental power. Now he is thrown out by his own family and has to find a new life for himself as he moves to Savannah to live with his Uncle.

Salamander 2 by EMW.
Continuing the story of Amanda Wilson, a few months after the events of Salamander. After escaping her parents, Tish is now trying to settle down with her sister Gwen. She faces her toughest challenge yet, returning to school, and if that wasn't enough once again shadowy forces are aligning against her.

Altruists by Druid.
What happens when society's rejects band together with common cause? This story revolves around a heroic brother who rapidly becomes a leader and his sister who he swears to protect at any cost - even if it should ruin all that he has built.

Byakko by Tegrachan.
A grown handicapped man disappears. A little hybrid girl with amnesia appears. Is it coincidence? Or are they related. Why does an injured doctor steal a piece of evidence and why is a military unit involved?

Incomplete Without You by Ray Drouillard.
Instead of building a resort or a city, Marvin Pentwater built a haven and workplace for people who have been gifted with powers. Years later, his grandson and hear, Marvin Pentwater III received his gift. Young Marvin couldn't complain about his physique, nor could he complain about the gaggle of talents he weilded. What he could complain about was the distinct lack of power. He grew up in a place where powers are common and esteemed, but he couldn't lift but a few ounces with his telekinesis. Soon, he met an unusual friend with similar challenges

Flutter by Terry Volkirch.
In a remote part of Ireland, a teenage girl comes of age with help from her father, her friends and a rare gift from MORFS.

Sounds Like A MORFS Story by Kelsey McMaster.
Hale was sick and tired of being the small geeky kid in school. He had been invisible for too long and was hoping that over the summer MORFS would change him into a jock all the girls wanted. Hale gets MORFS, but does it grant his wish?

Ghost by Britney.
Max had always loved superheroes and comic books, so when MORFS spread last year he thought it could be cool. His parents, along with pretty much everyone else was afraid of what was happening. So what will Max do when he undergoes MORFS while his parents are out of town?

First Hybrid by Shrike.
The story takes place in 2077, so the title doesn’t have anything to do with the first hybrid in existence. Rather it deals with a boy living in the White House as the president’s son. His whole future has been determined for him, but then he goes through MORFS, changes from the ‘first’ son to the ‘first’ hybrid. Only the father is afraid of the consequences and has someone try an experimental antiserum for MORFS on him or is that her? Everything goes wrong from that moment and our new angry MORFS victim tries to get a life back.

Schism by Flashdance
Jeremy is an average highschool age boy until he catches MORFS and becomes a hybrid. Government conspiracies and a love triangle ensue!

Tale of the Improbables: Tale Two: Stheno by Darian Deamos.
Self conscious teenager, Stephanie Marks thought her unhappiness with her body was her only problem. Then she got MORFS…

Poison by EMW
Thomas Phillips just wants to get away and enjoy a nice relaxing holiday away from the pressures of his job and city life. But out in the wild a misstep and a nasty fall leaves his body broken and dying. He finds himself taken in by a strange girl living wild in the woods who is just as broken mentally as he is physically. She is his only chance of getting out of the woods alive, but by the same token is he hers.

Freeze Frame by EMW
Emily Owen is in her first year of university, she is a shy quiet girl who tends to hide in the background. All that changes when she undergoes MORFS and changes in ways that mean she stands out much more than she is comfortable with. With the help of her room mate Natalie she tries to make her way in her new body dealing with the attentions and problems it brings. As if dealing with a new body weren't tough enough she has to deal with the attentions of an obsessive ex boyfriend who just won't accept that things are over between them.

Beyond the Sea by GW McLintock
The child of a diplomat charged with dealing with the global problem of MORFS undergoes it himself. His life changes when their plane crashes, signaling the end of his childhood, and the beginning of something more. And with the beginning, he finds answers in sources beyond the scope of his world.

Gone with the Wind by Shrike.
The MORFS survivors are popping up everywhere in the USA now. Some people threat as normal humans who had a sickness. Others think they are a disease and abominations. Some even hate them enough to hurt them. One boy is accused of participating. They are not entirely wrong as he thinks bad about MORFS survivors. But then…

Flux by EMW
A young boy changes into a young attractive girl. Never the most popular person at school he now she gets bullied on her return. This leads to trouble for all concerned as the attack brings out her darker side.

Spirit Fox Lightning Swift by EMW
Eric thought he had it all a loving family and a wonderful girl friend. However when MORFS changes him he finds out first hand how often appearances can be deceptive.

Wild Child by Xenic
When Amy goes through MORFs, things get a little… wild

Losing Myself by Stephanie B
Cameron is a bit of a geek who hopes MORFS would change his life. He has no idea what it will cost him.

Charlie by Centaur
How will charlie handle losing his best freind to MORFS. How will he handle it him self, and why is a Redneck trying to kill him.

MindControl by Shrike.
A boy is mistreated at home and mistreated at school. Then he catches MORFS and goes into a sort of a telepathic coma. He gets shipped off to a institution and is not well cared for. How will this effect him? Will he ever recover? If he does, what happens next?

Rage of the Earth by Bane
Jerald Vicario, or Jair as he was known, was an average 16-year-old boy, at least average for a 16-year-old boy growing up in the war torn South American country of Ecuador, living with the constant fear of MORFS and the possibility of being forced to join the army because of it. But when he does come down with MORFS, his life becomes unglued. His family is forced to flee to the U.S., one step ahead of the army recruiters. There he tries to find a new life in the midst of dealing with the shards of his old. He will have to learn to deal with his smouldering rage, the truth about his father not being the man he though he was, not to mention his new and frightening powers. And of course his past might not be as solidly behind him as he might think. There are still those who would very much like to “recruit” him for their own cause. The foundations of his life are shaking and his whole world seems like it might erupt at any moment.

Tales of Serenity by E. Red.
A curse upon one person that benefits so very many others, Serenity's tale is told by the many people she's helped over her lifetime. A collection of short stories, written from the perspective of many others, which will culminate in a final reveal that will tie all of them together forever. They say that dreams are the way in which our subconscious minds tell us how we truly feel. But once in a while, even our own minds need a little help…

Through the Looking Glass by Stephanie B
In 2061, a young girl goes through MORFS in the orbital city of Tenkei. Unfortunately, she has no control of her new powers and threatens the safety of the entire city. Todd Callaway is called in by Tetsuo Sakamoto to save the city and her life. He soon finds out there is more going on than he’s being told!

The Hardest Alloy by E. Red.
This is the story of my beginning. This is the story of my end. I have fallen, and I have soared, but it all began with this. Not a bang, but a whimper in the night. I am Alloy. I do not bend.

Wyvern by Storm Warden
S.H.A.M.E has recently taken over a small town in Montana, and is causing havoc. What happens when they put a canine hybrid in the hospital for not wearing a collar? They tangle with Vince, the best hacker in the surrounding states. The resulting chaos and fallout will put one one the path of revenge and the other on the path of destruction.

Sizzle by Stephanie B
Elizabeth and her dad move to the far north of Canada. She finds a world that’s more beautiful than she ever imagined, with people that know what it means to be a ‘community’. When her new home is threatened, she takes matters into her own hands and things get very hot, very fast.

The Boy, The Girl, and How MORFS Came Between Them by EMW
Bert is a lucky guy, he has some great friends, he's doing well at school, and he has a great girl friend Lisa who he is madly in love with. But when Lisa goes through MORFS they both have to cope with some changes to their lives.

Falling Off The Earth by Britney.
Adam had lost nearly everything he cared about and now he was being kept away from the only people he had left in his life. Nothing that happened to Adam was fair, he had hit bottom. So how much further could he really fall?

Primal by Starfox Howl.
Kevin is your typical junior high school nerd, smart and abused by the school jocks and bullies. MORFS transforms him into one of the rarest forms of hybrids. Will her abilities help or hinder her as she makes her way into a new and very much different world.

Loving my bunny girl by Allan Joyal
A young man reflects on the massive changes his life undergoes after a classmate comes down with MORFS.

Interface by EMW.
Alex was a friendless outcast even before he got MORFS and changing into Lexi didn't seem to help much. Her new powers are not very impressive and her small stature isn't very intimidating, but by cleverly applying her powers young Lexi plans to show them all just what she is capable of.

Be Careful What You Wish For by Starfox Howl
Jacob is a husband and family man. He is also a normal among his MORF'ed siblings. He wonders what his life would be like as a MORF. He gets to find out. Remember, when the Gods want to be amused, they grant a human's wish.

Angel's Wings by Starfox Howl
Angel Sanderson is stricken with MORFS a second time and is transformed from a butterfly into a beautiful Angel. Follow her story as she faces the challenges of her transformation and being thrust into the turmoil that is teenage-hood.

Feral by Shrike.
A young soldier that is a bit purist is on assignment in a laboratory where MORFS is studied.
Something goes wrong and suddenly his views are all turned around.

Catalyst by Shrike.
A young boy living in country that suppresses MORFS and females, changes into a elemental girl.
But then she gets kidnapped for her power, can she ever get a normal life back?

Freeze Frame: A Christmas Tale by EMW
Emily and friends return with Emily and Caitlyn facing a milestone in their new relationship their first christmas together. How will Emily's family react to her new girlfriend will it be a disaster or the best Christmas ever. And Emily faces her toughest challenge yet, what to get Caitlyn as a Christmas present!

The Girl With the Razor Blade Smile by EMW
After Going through MORFS our protagonist wakes up in a strange facility wearing an even stranger body. Held against their will and controlled by nefarious means they are trained to serve as a tool for their captors. Can they escape the grasp of their controllers or will they become a puppet their will broken. Only time will tell.

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