MORFS Universe author

Started posting the Synergy story in the MORFS universe in 12 / 06 / 2006
The stories that are posted or are in the proces to be accepted or posted:
- Synergy (Published as a book, see Merchandising on
- OhnomoreHybrid (Complete)
- First Hybrid (Complete)
- Gone with the Wind (Complete)
- MindControl (Complete)
- Raven (Complete)
- Feral (Continuing)
- Catalyst (Complete)
- Tail tale (Complete)
- TakingOver (Continueing)
- Override (Outline ready)

Though the first story in this universe is commented as quite good and succesfull it is hardly the first. It is however the first published as a book.
On Fictionmania, bigcloset and Storiesonline are all the stories he wrote and are published.
In his own story site there is also a list of stories that are not completed and those that will be rewritten.
However that site is currently in repair, information on that will be put here later.

Thestories are in different universes and the first stories are not that good (by comments and in hind view).
But everyone has to learn writing, so they might get rewritten at some point later.
The better written stories in other universes are 'Nothing but trouble', 'Still a phantom', and 'Spelled racist'.

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