Name: Sinthia Hartman

Other Aliases/Nick names: Walter Hartman (original name)

D.O.B.: 2012

Sex: Female

Brief Physical Description: Short brown hair, front and facial covered in sandy tan fur and otherwise covered with brown fur. Big bushy squirrel tail.

First Appears in: Gone with the Wind


Stories as Main Character:

Stories as Minor Character:

Stories as Guest/Cameo Character:

Character Bio:
Walter was a normal farmers son, though a bit prejudiced against Morfs survivors.
He thought he would never catch that disease, but fate dealt him a different card.

Extraordinary Abilities and Physical enhancements:

  • Quick Reaction time, powerful legmuscles.
  • The skin is covered with fur protecting against cold and wind.
  • Enhanced sense of smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch.

Supernatural Abilities / Powers:

  • Quite powerful air-elemental.

Affiliations / Group Membership:

  • Highschool of Marysville Iowa
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