SHAME (Soldier of Humanity for Animal MORF Extinction

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A registered Charity group that supports the State law that restricts and controls Hybrids. They hold public demonstration, and will picket organizations and businesses that cater to Hybrids.
Their less legal activities include attacks on Hybrids, vandalism of businesses etc that will cater to hybrids and are suspected by many to be behind acts of terrorism against Hybrid supporting businesses and institutions.
To date no member of SHAME has been convicted of any crimes towards Hybrids or their supporters. In fact, typically, when such activities occur, the Kansas State Police never seem to get to the scene until it is too late to observe criminal activities, and can never seem to corroborate reports of attacks.


SHAME began as a grass-roots organization during the mid 30's in Kansas, and was considered to be harmless, but were instrumental in bringing about the discriminatory Laws in Kansas against Hybrids. Mainly using FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) tactics. Many acts of terrorism and vandalism were purported to be acts of these "dangerous animals".

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SHAME is firmly established in Kansas, but is always looking to expand into other "Forward Thinking States".

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