Salamander 2

Story by: EMW
Locations: Wilynsford - UK
Date set: November 2035
Date first published: August 2007
Number of Parts: 14 (1-3 published, 4 edited and submitted, 5-14 in polishing stage)

Main Character/s:

Other Characters:

Continuation of the story of Amanda Wilson. After managing to escape with her sister from the rest of the families attempts to murder them, Amanda is now living with Gwen. She has to get used to living with her sister as her legal guardian and the new lifestyle the two of them can afford. Now free to attend school she has to learn to fit in with other people her age, but things don't go smoothly as she encounters old enemies and new. Also a mysterious shadowy group 'The Knights' is tracking and assessing her. As if being the new girl at a new school wasn't tough enough.

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