First Hybrid

Story by: Shrike
Locations: Washington DC - USA, Antarctica, Sydney - Australia, Montana - USA
Date set: 2077
Date first published: 2007
Number of Parts: 5.
Main Character/s:

Other Characters:

  • Iris Janice Pratt - Oriana's Mother
  • Ellis Pratt - Oriana's Father
  • Henry McCoy - Oriana's boyfriend a.k.a. Bear a.k.a. Shaman

The story takes place in 2077, so the title doesn’t have anything to do with the first hybrid in existence. Rather it deals with a boy living in the white house as the president’s son. His whole future has been determined for him, but then he goes through MORFS, changes from the ‘first’ son to the ‘first’ hybrid. Only the father is afraid of the consequences and has someone try an experimental antiserum for MORFS on him or is that her? Everything goes wrong from that moment and our new angry MORFS victim tries to get a life back.

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