Radioactivity Elementals

The Standard Radioactivity Elemental Powers

Radioactivity Elementals have the ability to emit radiation and/or induce radioactive properties into objects and people.
Most Radioactivity Elementals are immune to the radiation they create, at least to a limited degree. In the case of most Radioactivity Elementals, they are usually immune to radioactivity, so long as the radiation does not exceed the maximum strength they can generate themselves.
Radioactivity Elementals may be able to emit, absorb or control one or more of the following types of Radiation:

  • Electromagnetic radiation: (Energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or photons.)
  • Radio waves
  • Microwave radiation, familiar to those who use microwave ovens.
  • Infrared radiation (IR), produced by heat
  • Visible light
  • Ultraviolet radiation (UV)
  • X-rays
  • Gamma radiation, usually emitted by radioactive atoms
  • Particle radiation: (Energy in the form of moving subatomic particles.)
  • Alpha radiation, composed of the nuclei of helium-4 atoms
  • Beta radiation, consisting of energetic electrons or positrons
  • Neutron radiation, consisting of neutrons

Characters with this power:

  • Jeremy Ives (Casefile 4572)
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