Possibilities Of Morfs

Probability of MORFS Results

The results of MORFS is truely random but the results also tend to be evenly spread out. The following should be considered by any author writing in the MORFS Universe when determining the outcome of MORFS on main characters and supporting cast.

The percentages of how people are changed by MORFS that undergo it are as follows:

  • 50% of all kids unchanged
  • 50% of all kids changed
  • 15% of all kids receive an extraordinary ability (i.e. a physical or sensory enhancement of existing natural abilities/senses including the species of animal if they are a hybrid) or change of appearance
  • 1% of all kids end up with supernatural abilities.

In addition to that there are all the inherited powers/physical changes. Hybrids fall under the 15%.

In a city of 1 million people, 1% get supernatural abilities. That's 10,000 people who can gain any of the following powers, just to list a few.

Fire Elemental
Water Elemental
Stone Elemental
Metal Elemental
Electricity Elemental
Air Elemental
Light Elemental
Ice Elemental
Heat Elemental
Radioactivity Elemental
Bio Elemental
Time Elemental
Cell Shifter
Shape shifter
Magnetism disruptor
Gravitational disruptor

and many many more, but working just with these, that's 26 different powers. Assuming these are the only powers (which they aren't), that works out to roughly 385 people in every million that have one of these powers. This is crucial information that should be considered when writing Any MORFS story, especially since most MORFS stories are set in a high school atmosphere where there are many other people who would be Morfs.

Extent of MORFS Results

The extent of MORFS changes is almost limitless but there are a few limits.

1. A person must remain organic. That means no turning into a solid piece of metal. However organic metallic skin is a way around this. Simply, the person must remain a living creature, not an object.

2. A person's powers cannot remove the freewill of another. That means no symbiotes or mind control. Even a very strong telepath can only suggest or coerce a person to do something, it cannot be forced.

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