Story by: Oliver McDonald
Locations: Lawrence Kansas, Kansas City Kansas, Rural Kansas
Date Set: Summer 2048, starting June 29
Date first published: 24 June 2007
Number of parts: 6 - incomplete

Main Character(s):

Other characters: (in approximate order of appearance)

  • Juan Sanchez - His Father
  • Evelyn Sanchez - His Mother
  • Amelia Sanchez - His Kid Sister
  • Jessica Meling - The girl he is sweet on
  • Lily Meling - Her mother
  • Jenny Whitford - His School Bus driver
  • Dr. Fligstein - The MORFS department Director at Kansas City General
  • Dr. Robert Parker - Passaro's Doctor, works primarily in the MORFs department
  • Steven Garner - Nurse
  • Dr. Perry - MORFs Examination Doctor
  • Anna-belle Foster - Hybrid Registration Agent, Hybrid sympathizer
  • Mr. Devine - Special Agent of FAME
  • Katherine "Kat" McDowell - Telepath who works for FAME
  • Harold Thorson - Passaro's Flight Instructor / Contractor for FAME when they perform examinations of potential flyers

Just before school summer holidays 13 year old Benito Sanchez has undergone MORFs becoming a hidden hermaphrodite visible hybrid in a state that has enacted laws against Hybrid Morfs, considering them to non-human.

In the story Ben and his family deal with these problems and other consequences of his transformation.

Organizations / Groups

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