Oriana Pratt a.k.a. Raven
Name: Oriana Pratt
Other Aliases/Nick names: Orrin Pratt (original name), Raven (Nick Name, Codename)

D.O.B.: 2060
Sex: Female
Brief Physical Description: Long black hair, Dark coffee complexion skin due to her African-American heritage. Black wings with a wingspan of 10.5 feet and smaller directional wings on her calfs.
Power Rating 2
Threat Level
red.gifUnstable. Dangerous to general Public

First Appears in: First Hybrid


Stories as Main Character:

Stories as Minor Character:
Stories as Guest/Cameo Character:

Physical enhancements:

  • Quick and total healing power.
  • Special organ that transforms any toxin, poison or otherwise harmful threat to her system into a special neuro toxin that hardens in contact with air, but stays potent for up to 72 hours. The wingfeathers are laced with it, and though the hard toxin crumbles after 72 hours, they continue to be laced from inside while still attached to the wing.
  • Skin is layered with nanotube reinforced netting and insulating reinforced foamy organic layer underneath.
  • Highly efficient and very dense extra musculature around chest and high back for moving wings fast and forceful enough to fly.
  • Black wings with a span of 10.5 feet, extremely durable and comprised of hard hollow feathers that are laced with a deadly neurotoxin. Some of the outer feathers can be used as throwing knives.

Specialty Class:

  • Flying under her own power.
  • Deadly toxic feathers that can be thrown either by wingmovement or by hand.

Affiliations / Group Membership:

  • graduate of a military Highschool
  • Standing invitation by Improbables
  • Contacts with Secret Service, FBI, CIA and possible ASA
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