Story by: Shrike
Locations: Savannah, Georgia; Vancouver, Canada.
Date set: Februari 2042
Date first published: 12th of Sept 2007
Number of Parts: 6
Main Character/s:

Other Characters:

  • Frank Kramer - Gabe's Uncle
  • Jan Kramer - Gabe's Father
  • Miranda Kramer - Gabe's Mother
  • Darren McCabe - Gabe's friend a.k.a Spike
  • Maren ZoĆ« Johns - Gabe's girlfriend / (future) Wife a.k.a Synergy
  • Martin Iverson - Gabe's friend a.k.a Snake
  • Lance Thorsson - Gabe's friend a.k.a Batman
  • Gavin Benson - MORFS councillor and telepath
  • Feral - Friend and (future) uncle a.k.a. Lando Johns

A boy born as a full hybrid canine goes through MORFS at an early age and becomes more humanlike. The family got kicked out of their country and moved to a MORFS enclave in Canada. There the boy is harassed at school for being a hybrid, but he catches MORFS again just when he gets beaten up. This time he changes into a normal looking human with an Elemental power. Now he is thrown out by his own family and has to find a new life for himself as he moves to Savannah to live with his Uncle.

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