Lexi Jones

Name: Jones, Lexi

Other Aliases/Nick names: Interface

D.O.B.: 2023

Sex: Female

Brief Physical Description: Black hair, very small black feathered wings, Large Midnight Blue eyes, pointed teeth, 5ft(152cm), pale skin

Power Rating 5

Threat Level orange.gifSubject to outbursts of temper, and enough power to be dangerous.

First Appears in:

  • Interface

Stories as Main Character:

  • Interface

Stories as Minor Character:

Stories as Guest/Cameo Character:

Physical Enhancements:

  • Enhanced Vision, Hearing, Taste an sense of Smell.

Speciality Class/ Hybrid
Avian: Partial ยป Small wings incapable of flight. Visual systems capable of perceiving magnetic fields

Speciality Class/ Elemental
Electrical Elemental: Unable to generate external currents but can cause large currents to circulate around her body generating powerful magnetic fields. By altering the path and direction of the current inside herself can shape the field.

Affiliations / Group Membership:

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