Juan Sanchez

Name: JuanSanchez
Other Aliases: Dad.
D.O.B.: 29 February 2000
Sex: Male

Brief Physical description:
Obviously of Spanish (Mexican) descent. 178 Cm tall, 190 lbs. Despite being in his late 40's at the time he appears in Passaro's story, he is still physically fit, as befits a cattle rancher. Has cat like ears, that he hides most of the time in his stetson.

Stories as Minor Character:

Character Bio:
Juan grew up on the ranch he currently runs. He was orphaned at 16 when his parent's plane went down in a freak thunderstorm during a vacation. This hit him somewhat hard, but he buckled down, and continued to run the ranch. He is strongly family oriented, and a soft touch for kids in trouble.

Extraordinary Abilities and Physical Enhancements:

Abnormally acute hearing.

Supernatural Abilities:

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