Story by: EMW
Locations: Wilynsford - UK
Date set: Spring 2038
Date first published: December 2008
Number of Parts: 7 - Complete

Main Character/s:

Other Characters:

  • Kittybot - Lexi's robotic cat she created
  • Peter Jones – School science teacher Lexi's dad into automotive restoration as a hobby
  • Mary Jones – Mechanic Lexi's Mum Tall blonde with blue eyes runs a garage
  • Vicky Miller - New Girl at Lexi's school
  • Tara Anderson - Girl at Lexi's school doesn't like Lexi
  • Colin ? - aka Scan telepath in the supers bit thick
  • Laura ? - aka tempest air elemental part of supers
  • Amy Zacowski aka Amy Zap – Electrical elemental supers
  • Eric ? - Aka Carnage aka Lump large stocky boy super strength.
  • Winifred ? - Aka Quill a porcupine hybrid and bioelemental runs the supers at this point
  • Anne ? - another Girl at Lexi's school

Alex was a friendless outcast even before he got MORFS and changing into Lexi didn't seem to help much. Her new powers are not very impressive and her small stature isn't very intimidating, but by cleverly applying her powers young Lexi plans to show them all just what she is capable of."

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