Isabel Johns

Name: Isabel Johns

Other Aliases/Nick names:

D.O.B.: februari 27th 2028

Sex: Female

Brief Physical Description: Long blond hair, Equine look with long ears, short brown & white fur, 5'5" 165cm, Long blond bushy pony tail, four fingers on each hand, Hooflike fused toes.


First Appears in: Synergy

Stories as Main Character:

Stories as Minor Character:

Stories as Guest/Cameo Character:

Character Bio:
After a fight, initiated by the main character Brent catching MORFS at the age of 17, the parents divorced. Her brother Brent was taken by their Mother to Savannah Georgia. Isabel stayed with their father and moved to Birmingham Alabama.

Isabel used to be a Pure aficionado but changed her views as she grew up. Meeting her new sister and getting verbal abuse of her father changed her view even more. The final push came when she morfed into a hybrid equine girl and discovered she has an empath power. She was put on display to be executed by her father but got saved by her sister.

Now Isabel lives with her sister, Mother and her new stepfather. She has to deal with handling her power and living the life of a very visible hybrid girl.

Extraordinary Abilities and Physical enhancements:

  • Strong legmuscles, able to run fast.

Supernatural Abilities / Powers:

Affiliations / Group Membership:

  • Sophomore in Highschool in Savannah.
  • Contacts with MORFS center for counceling.
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