Hybrids are people who's DNA has been contaminated by animal DNA during stage 1 of MORFS, they then take on traits from the species in question.

There are three types of Hybrids

  • Partial hybrids: where the person only takes on small animal traits.
  • Absolute hybrids: where the person appears more animal than human.
  • Concealed hybrids: where the person can conceal their hybrid traits.

Examples of this would be Sanura from Sanura's tale is a partial hybrid having some animal traits, Wolf from Wolf's tale is an absolute hybrid, and Lance Thorsson/Batman from Synergy is a concealed hybrid. Many more examples exist.

Known types of Hybrid with examples

  • Feline: Sanura Anne Miller (Sanura's Tale), Sara Louise Neumer (Grey), Maren ZoĆ« Johns (Synergy), The Martin Family (Better Late Than Never), Feral
  • Canine: Wolf (Wolf's Tale), Gabe Kramer (Before changing back to more human appearance)
  • Reptile: Amanda Wilson (Salamander), Snake/Martin Iverson (Synergy)
  • Chiroptera: Lance Thorsson (Synergy)
  • Avian: David Streight (Angel), Benito Sanchez (Passaro), Raven/Oriana Pratt (First Hybrid)
  • Ursine: Brett Miller (Sanura's Tale)
  • Insect: Ashley Jordan Stark (Sanura's Tale)
  • Equine: Isabel Johns (Synergy)
  • Amphibia/Fish: Crystal Miller (Sanura's Tale), Nerissa (partial, mermaid) (Tail tale)
  • Rodent: Spike/Darren McCabe (Ohnomorehybrid), Sinthia Hartman (Gone with the Wind)
  • Arachnida: Jamie Dasley (Poison)
  • Simian: Johnathan Black (Here On Earth)
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