Heat Elementals

The Standard Heat Elemental Powers

Heat Elementals have the ability to control the ambiant tempurature. They can increase or decrease tempuratue at a range and level determined by their strength and control.

Most Heat Elementals are immune to the temperatures they create, at least to a limited degree. In the case of most Heat Elementals, they are usually immune to temperature extremes, so long as the heat does not exceed the maximum or minimum temperature they can generate themselves.

They are distinct from Fire Elementals and Ice Elementals in that though they can control the heat they cannot control fire and ice. They could potentially melt ice or cool fire but they are not powerful enough to create either combustion or freezing.

Characters with this power:

  • Quartz Carmichael (Tale of Jet and Quartz)
  • Elizabeth "Beth" Baker (Sizzle)
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