Harold Thorson
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Name Harold Thorson
DOB 4 Jul 2013|
Hair Buzz cut Blond
Eyes Blue
Height 6'7" / 201cm
Weight 275 lbs / 125Kg
Bat Hybrid Nordic
Can "see" by echolocation
Psionics Telekenisis Can lift up to 6000 lbs, or slow the fall of heavier objects

Harold Thorson is a pilot instructor at the Lawrence Community Airport. He also consults form FAME when they need to examine a potentially flying hybrid. As a hybrid resident of Kansas he is collared, but tends to ignore it. The Lawrence Airport looks kindly on him, as his abilities have saved lives at the airport, and he is the instructor with the best safety record in the US.

He does offer preferential rates to flying hybrids, which gains him, and the airport by association, much unwanted attention from SHAME, but the airport security do not share the same tolerance that the Kansas State Police does for the organization, instead categorizing them as Terrorists.

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