The Girl with the Razor Blade Smile

Story by: EMW
Locations: Unknown
Date set: 2040
Date first published: July 2010
Number of Parts: - 1

Main Character/s:

Other Characters:

  • Norton - Farrah's controller.
  • Mistress Hahn - Alex's Controller.
  • Alex - Another prisoner the original captive seemingly broken never talks.
  • Bethany - Another prisoner
  • Chris - Another prisoner
  • Doyle - Another prisoner
  • Eric - Another prisoner

After Going through MORFS our protagonist wakes up in a strange facility wearing an even stranger body. Held against their will and controlled by nefarious means they are trained to serve as a tool for their captors. Can they escape the grasp of their controllers or will they become a puppet their will broken. Only time will tell.

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