Grey is the second story that was written in the MORFs universe, written after having read Britney's first story Sanura's tale, Nist was so inspired that he dropped his at the time long time project to work exclusively on the Grey story.

Grey follows the story of Sara Neumer, Nee Jace Neumer, the eldest child of two of the ASA's finest agents. Brought up on the fringes of one of the worlds blackest operations teams, Jace had his whole life planned, he would graduate secondary school, take his A-levels and go onto college, where after getting a nice degree he would quietly follow his parents into the family business, however his life takes a massive twist when his parents accepted a new posting, accross the atlantic in America. His first days in this new country were a little rough. Having spent most of his life in or part of one morfs community or another, as a boy with a thick coat of black fur, he had never had much contact with purist and having attended a all boys school since before he hit puberty, he was hardly equipped to deal with straight humans who might not agree to his equal standing in socierty, never mind straight female humans. He sure as hell wasn't ready for the cursed virus to make him a female human, or at least more like one.

Things go a little crazy for Jace now Sara as she adapts to her new life and finds herself being used for political leverage in a war she didn't know anything about, doped up by doctors who she thought she could trust and apparently a criminal organisation that has made and targetted her family and hell bent of taking them out.

Everyone has a limit though, a point they should never be pushed. Normally seeing your parents killed does that to a person, normally it might be enough to send them catatonic, or into a fit of uncontrollable rage, Sara isn't normal though trained to be a ghost by her parents, completely devoid of normal human morales, and with time as her own personal bitch. Sara's anger turns into a cold chilling nonchelence, that once released, might endanger a lot more then anyone else possibly expected.

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