Gone with the wind

Story by: Shrike
Locations: Marysville, Iowa.
Date set: 2025
Date first published: 2007
Number of Parts: 1

Main Character/s:

Other Characters:

  • Casey Hartman - Sinthia's Father
  • Alida Hartman - Sinthia's Mother
  • Mack Hartman - Sinthia's Brother
  • Remo Hartman - Sinthia's Brother

In rural Iowa a quiet war is brooding between MORFS survivors and people who think they shouldn't be allowed to live. When a Morfed girl is assaulted and to die left naked in the snow, things escalate. One of the boys, who is quite a jock is suspected, but can't be charged. Then he catches MORFS. He goes from being a bully to diminutive girl with some extra's and has to start living in fear.

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