Geography Of The Morfs Universe

Due to the futuristic nature of the MORFS Universe, there are many new cities, land masses and climates that are worth note to both authors and readers.

Sun City

The world’s largest climate-controlled city. Located at an elevation of 5,500ft in the rocky mountains and situated within a nearly year round snowy valley. This city however, is home to one of the worlds most popular resort destinations due to its many attraction. Noah Eglington founded Sun City in 2015. Noah first acquired the land for Sun City in 2013 and over the next two years Sun City became a small tropical resort with steady business. This task was accomplished using Noah’s, and later his wife Hannah’s Elemental abilities to heat the climate of Sun City to a steady 85° year round. Over the next decade, the small resort grew into a large community centered around the numerous resorts located at the heart of the city encircling the large manmade lake now known as Sun Lake. Over the years many other elementals were hired from all over the world to expand the city. The recent addition of two water elementals now makes surfing in Sun Lake on of the most popular attractions although the ski and snowboarding outside of the heated city limits remains the most popular. In 2032 the large community was officially recognized as a city and Noah was elected as Mayor. The population of Sun City according to the 2047 census is 998, 500.

Oceanic Tunnels

The Dragon Society has used it's elemental abilities to create large tunnels from their home in the Rocky Mountain range, deep beneath sea level and out into the ocean. These Tunnels are used by Water Dragons to quickly access the ocean where they may hunt for large aquatic prey to feed the colony

Starlight Canyon

In the summer of 2025, an unnamed earth elemental left New York City on a mission. Though little was known about the man, we do know he was homeless and bankrupt when he started his journey westward, but when he stopped his roving, he was in the middle of a stretch of the Arizona badlands, accompanied by a small group of other similarly outcast MORFS survivors. What posessed the man to choose this stretch of land, nobody can say, but that was where he started his dream. Over the course of twelve years, these unnamed elementals worked the land in that stretch of desert, and when they were finished, they had created a modern miracle.

Between them, they'd torn open a hole in the Earth that was miles wide, a long trench that served as the base for the massive city they constructed. Huge complexes erupted from the ground, carved completely out of rock. Towering formations of stone and metal burst forth from the barren land, and interconnected with hundreds of stone bridges and walkways. Roads were formend straight from the source, and huge networks of plumbing and vents were shorn within the walls. When the earth and metal elementals finished their work, the water and bio elementals began theirs, diverting underground rivers and stirring up plantlife all over the newly formed city. Huge canals ran throughout the base of the city, and unique, pressure-based systems allowed for water to flow even to the highest levels of the towers. The electricity elementals and metal elementals created a huge dam, and built all the bases for power converters and the like.

When they'd finished, they took their work and contacted Noah Eglington in an attempt to get support to turn their new city into as free a city as his own project had been. Unfortunately, several of the group fell ill, and died before the response could be recieved, the man from New York among them. Noah happily agreed, impressed by the amount of work that the group had been through to get to where they were. The city was populated very soon after, and followed much the same pattern that Sun City had before it. The city was named Starlight Canyon, according to the wishes of the late earth elemental, and one of the original group was named mayor by the first influx of settlers.

The legality of the city's existance was disputed for several years after the first settlers moved in, as the original group had simply picked an empty plot of land and started building, but eventually they won out, and Starlight Canyon was officially declared a city of the State of Arizona on December 19th, 2049. A statue was erected on the outskirts of the canyon, depicting the man with a shovel over one shoulder and a pack in his other hand, with a simple inscription reading "Welcome to Starlight Canyon, the City of the Workers."

Orbital City of Tenkei

Tetsuo Sakamoto dreamed of building and launching an orbital city for many years. In 2056, after years of work by an army of construction workers and elementals, his dream became a reality. The city was made completely air tight and dropped into orbit through an incredibly large portal generated by Tetsuo. The surface of the city is scattered with domes of varying sizes. However the majority of the city structure is within the extensive tunnels, under its glass and steel surface.

Tenkei is located directly over the equator, above the Atlantic Ocean in geostationary orbit. When it was first launched, Tenkei was not placed in a stable orbit and require periodic adjustments to remain stationary. However this was corrected by 2061 after purchasing, or replacing all the satellites that occupied the needed place in the 'Clarke Belt'. Since it is roughly fifteen kilometres in diameter and shaped like a flattened sphere, it can easily be seen from Earth. It appears as a bright star and out shines Venus on most nights, disappearing only when it passes through the shadow of the Earth during its orbit.

Tenkei is beyond to range of any teleporter. Due to this distance from Earth, travel to the city is only possible through a portal generated by Tetsuo or by shuttles. All people arriving at the city must pass through a screening process, similar to customs and security at any large airport. Tenkei has a population of approximately one million people and has a thriving economy. It’s a popular tourist destination as well as supporting space based industries and research. Since Tenkei was originally constructed from a South Pacific island owned by Japan, they attempted to claim it as Japanese territory. However this was rejected within the United Nations, who now recognized Tenkei as a sovereign city state [similar to Monaco].

Artificial gravity and power is generated by a series of small quantum singularities located along the far side of the city [as seen from Earth]. The entire city has a large staff of MORFS survivors to regulate and maintain the air, water and even the gravity fields generated by the singularities.

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