Freeze Frame

Story by: EMW
Locations: Wilynsford - UK
Date set: Spring 2036
Date first published: February 2008
Number of Parts: 4 - Complete

Main Character/s:

Other Characters:

  • Natalie Young - Friend and Room mate of Emily
  • Mark Bishop - Emily's Ex-Boyfriend
  • Tom Winters - Art student lives across the hall from Emily and Nat
  • Dave ? - Tom's room mate
  • Gary ? - Dave's Friend
  • Laura ? - Girl from upstairs Emily's housemate Jenny's roommate
  • Jenny ? - Girl from upstairs Emily's housemate Laura's roommate
  • John ? - Guy from downstairs Emily's housemate Steve's roommate
  • Steve ? - Guy from downstairs Emily's housemate John's roommate
  • Shaun Harlow - Rugby player helps Emily becomes friend and Natalie's boyfriend.
  • Caitlyn Summers - Small red head also helps Emily becomes her girlfriend.
  • Don Owen - Emily's Father
  • Clara Owen - Emily's Mother
  • Alice Owen - Emily's Sister
  • Officer Frank Brown - Wilynsford Policeman
  • Officer Bobbie Williams - Wilynsford Police Officer and Telepath
  • Officer Steven Higgins - Wilynsford Police Officer Bobbies partner
  • Phil Young - Natalie's Brother Lawyer.
  • Kathy ? - Emily's Lab partner religious nut and Anti-MORFS activist
  • Ross ? - Head of the Crystal Society
  • Roger/Roge ? - Shaun's housemate
  • Carl ? - Shaun's housemate
  • Angela Jones - Restaurant owner
  • Frank ? - Head Waiter at restaurant
  • Amanda Wilson - Guest star

Emily Owen is in her first year of university, she is a shy quiet girl who tends to hide in the background. All that changes when she undergoes MORFS and changes in ways that mean she stands out much more than she is comfortable with. With the help of her room mate Natalie she tries to make her way in her new body dealing with the attentions and problems it brings. As if dealing with a new body weren't tough enough she has to deal with the attentions of an obsessive ex boyfriend who just won't accept that things are over between them.

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