Flora and Fauna in the MORFS Universe

This page details the various animals and plants that are different in the MORFS universe


Fruit & Vegetable Hybrids

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Dragons were created by The Very White Man in Sanura's Tale as a tool of oppression, they were rescued by Sanura, Amy, and Co. at the end of the story. They are large animals and shaped much like classic western perceptions of dragons, large lizard like creatures with thick scaly hides and wings, they are also very intelligent. In Sanura's tale by Britney McMaster The Very White Man lists Dragons abilities as follows:

''I’m especially proud of this creature. More intelligent than a human, faster than a bird. Stronger and larger than any other land animal, I’ve brought back to life a beast that held humans in constant fear for centuries. I’ve made legend into reality. You will now fight my creation. The king of the reptilian family has returned with its fiery vengeance.”

After their rescue Dragons live in harmony in a colony. The dragons are too intelligent to kill each other over mating.

They will however be drawn to others with similar characteristics/powers. All of the dragons have telepathy but can talk as well. there are however, different sub species of dragon. One for each of the following elements, each have physical appearances that fit with that Element.

  • Fire (reddish orange skin, large wings)
  • Ice (light bluish white skin, appears to be covered in frost.)
  • Water (bluish green skin, long body with smaller wings, can fly but can also use wings to glide under water, breathes underwater)
  • Earth (thick spiky hide of a stony texture, may have some metallic spots, natural camouflage, much larger body, does not rely heavily on flight)
  • Magma (thick black scales, constantly glowing orange skin shows between scales. smaller body. large wings with orange glowing webbing. lives deep underground)
  • Electricity (golden yellow skin, long body with a very large wingspan. moves extremely fast)
  • Radioactivity (green wet-look body. sharp spines and long snake like body. does not rely on flight)
  • Bio (varying shades of purple scales. dual wings and a heavily spiked tail. spits toxic venom designed to be harmful only to it's target.)
  • Sound (whitish silver underskin, large diamond/crystal-like scales. large wings, long body, large head. heavily spiked back.)
  • Dark (fine black scales that tend to sparkle. the scales act as solar panels. small body, extremely agile. very rare breed)
  • Time (similar in looks to a tradtional chinese dradon, but with silver scales and hair. very rare breed)

The Dragons do not attack humans unless first attacked. They settled after Sanura's Tale around the northern rockies and using their elements have created a climate controlled area for themselves. The water dragons have created tunnels that lead through the mountain, down below sea level and out into the ocean and travel between there and the colony in the mountains. the magma and earth dragons have created miles of tunnels withing the moutauns that most of the dragons reside in. this coloney is similar in design to an ant colony. the bio and radiation dragons tend to live farther down the mountains and hunt in the forests.

They will gladly accept a rider, but it is not a pivotal part of their society.


Fox/Eagle morf indigenous to North America. In most cases it appears to be a fox with eagle wings and tail feathers with some feathers on the ears, although many other variations have been known to exist. The Eagox has very high intelligence and usually hunts in packs. Due to their increased intelligence they also can be trained to talk and interact with humans.


Furglox is a Austrian delicacy, described as a small winged fish. It is alternately described as a flying rat.

It is described by Sara Neumer in Grey by Nist Shadow as follows

''Its what you get if you cross a rat with a pigeon and give it gills, then replace its bone structure with air sacks"

It is also known for it's aphrodisiac properties in women Furglox causes a chemical reaction exclusively in women that releases endorphins and that make them feel good about themselves.


Hybrid of a squirrel and a dog, Maren Zoë Johns from Synergy by Shrike has a pet Squog called Sammi. A Squog is described as larger than a cat but smaller than a dog with traits from both a squirrel and dog. It is very agile, inquisitive and naughty.


Around 2050, evidence was found by an expedition team in the Amazon rain forest of a new Alpha predator in the ecosystem, unsurprisingly caused by a variant of the MORFS virus. Huge claw rents in trees, well above eye level, deep, three-clawed footprints in the mud, and numerous eviscerated large animals, including many of the other large predators, were among the pieces of evidence scanned and transmitted to a central database. These scans were the only evidence at the time, as the exploration team vanished the next day, never to be heard from again.

Months later, visual evidence of the creatures responsible was finally optained by a special task force sent to investigate the teams dissappearance. They stunned and captured the first recorded specimen of a new breed of reptile, reminiscent of the lizard kings of prehistoric times. Dubbed 'Verosaurs', these reptiles stand fifteen feet tall at the shoulder, and reach lengths upwards of twenty feet, Verosaurs closely resemble miniature versions of a traditional carnivorous Dinosaur: Large heads, overly muscular bodies, four powerful limbs, and a long tail, for balance. Built for speed and pure, destructive power, they move about most swiftly on their hind legs, reaching speeds of up to sixty miles per hour in just a few strides, but they tend to walk on all fours when they slow down. Their claws are thick and sharp, prefect for climbing just about any terrain, and their teeth are long and have serrated edges, much like a shark's.Their scaly bodies are thick and tough, able to stop a standard 9mm round with little problem.

Very few have been captured alive, as they tend to fly into a berzerker rage when they discover that they are confined, the first several killing themselves while in transit by breaking their own necks, trying to escape. More recent finds have begun to display a hightened intelligence, however, which leads to questions of the true origins of their creation… Were they really just a random MORF?

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