Story by: Shrike
Locations: South American Jungle, LA (CA), Savannah (GA)
Date set: 2047
Date first published: 2011
Number of Parts: 7 and up.
Main Character/s:

Other Characters:

  • Maren Zoë Johns a.k.a Synergy
  • Gavin Benson - MORFS councillor and telepath
  • Gabe Kramer - Maren's friend a.k.a Blitz
  • Elias Dawes – ASA operative
  • Larry Darby – Former soldier and friend
  • Sinthia – Runaway child
  • Brad – Runaway child
  • Salome Benteen - Singer songwriter
  • Delphine Haase nè Sommers – Former soldier and mercenary
  • Brian Sommers – Former soldier and mercenary
  • Reginald Waters – Former soldier and mercenary (Deceased in 2048)
  • Inspector Galatea Madden
  • Elliot Waters – nephew of Reginald, computerkid and ADHD
  • Cat – Prospective girlfriend
  • Hank Singal – Motorcycle engineer
  • Takane Tanikuma
  • Eiko Tanikuma
  • Emily Lake
  • Ryan Martinez

A young soldier that is a bit purist, is on assignment in a laboratory where MORFS is studied.
Something goes wrong and suddenly his views are all turned around.

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