Evelyn Sanchez

Name: Evelyn Sanchez
Other Aliases: Brandon Murdoch (Original Name)
D.O.B.: 25 November 1994
Sex:** Female

Brief Physical description:
5'6" (168 cm) 110 lbs (50 Kg) Long blond hair, blue eyes. Appears to be a teenager, other than in carriage, and dress.

Stories as Main Character:

Stories as Minor Character:

Character Bio:
Born in Mobile Alabama 25th November 1994, to Steven and Mary Murdoch, and grew up in a world without the threat, or social implications of MORFs. He was almost 7 when the threat of global terrorism was brought home to the United States, in an event still known as 9/11. He led an unexceptional life, school etc. Did not take much notice of an event that was destined to change his life forever, the release of the MORFs virus a month after he turned 14. At first the cases of MORFs were rare, but Alabaman'ss, being Alabaman's called them either Divine Retribution for Unholy Lifestyles, or Devil Spawn. Brandon's parents were frightened by the implications of the disease, and the fact that it was so often fatal, but were a little more enlightened.

In the early summer of 2009, Brandon contracted MORFs, and was one of the lucky ones, she lived. In those days the passage of MORFs was not the gentle, short, sleep of later years, it was a long drawn out change, often painful, with changes coming on slowly, until either the patient either died, or recovered.

Her father was fired from his job as Chief of Staff at the Knollwood Hospital, after the administration was pressured by various religious groups. Being unable to find work in Mobile, or for that matter anywhere else in Alabama, and with a sick son at home must have been a traumatic time for the family. They moved to New York, where Steven found a job as a research doctor, and threw himself into the investigation of MORFs, and started the line of research that lead to energy packs.
Brandon had a hard time adjusting to his changing sex, but on the move to New York, was convinced to present himself as female, and took the name Evelyn after his maternal grandmother. Her 15th birthday party was a great celebration, MORFs had finally run its course, and it was evident that she had finally stabilized. Over time, she was able to reconcile her sexual identity, and with much family support became more outgoing, eventually meeting the man who would later become her husband.

Extraordinary Abilities and Physical Enhancements:


Supernatural Abilities:

  • Limited Bio-Elemental
    • Subconcious
    • Can only affect self conferring the following:
      • Complete resistance to disease or illness
      • Does not age.
      • Complete healing of all injuries. (May include regeneration, but unknown.)
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