About the Author

I was a long time reader of MORFS stories and decided to try my hand at writing one of my own.
I'm an embedded systems coder by trade and creative writing is not something I had much experience in since I left school. I had written a few stories at school and even tried scripts for film making or drama but the focus of English classes seemed to move away from creative writing more towards literature interpretation which I found pointless and frustrating being able to read the books they set us completely before the rest of the class had got off the first chapter. When there was the option to be creative good imagination and enthusiasm was always trumped by lack of spelling and grammar invariably sending me down a more technical line where such things are mostly irrelevant.

Inspired once again to try my hand at writing I set to work at the end of 2006 and after a few months feverish typing the result was Salamander which was posted January 2007.

Since then I have been working on a follow up as well as a few other stories in the universe.

I live in Oxfordshire England and when I'm not working or writing I enjoy reading, films, games, drawing, and listening to various shades of metal. I'm also an atheist and sceptic though not an active one, except after a few drinks when enthusiastic arguments on pseudo science, religion, and non rational magical thinking can occur.

Stories posted or coming soon

Stories Still In Development (may or may not make it to publishing)

  • Case File for Poison (Story of how poison joins the elemental team, in progress)
  • Discord (Villain story in early stages of writing)
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One (tricky single person multi viewpoint idea. Sort of flux in reverse, may not work as a story, early test/ideas stage)
  • The Non-Psychic Detective (Detective story about one of the few non-psychic private detectives still in the business, early test/ideas phase)
  • The Network (Low powered MORFS saving the world a small piece at a time, early concept test phase)
  • Trick or Treat (working title, magic themed MORFS story early ideas phase)
  • The Vault (Abandoned for now pending a rethink)
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