The Standard Empathic Powers

Someone with the ability to feel and in some cases control the emotions of those around them. This ability is in high demand to help emotionally disturbed people. Less skilled empaths can be used to augment audience response in a theatre. They can also be used as lie detectors, though only with the subjects consent. Multiple empaths can be used to clear an innocent person, they usually cannot be used to establish guilt though may be discretely used by investigators to confirm they are on the right path.

Characters with this power:

  • Amanda Wilson (a.k.a. Tish from Salamander)
  • Helena "Lena" Morgan (a.k.a. Radar from Angel's Tale)
  • Logan & Laura Miller (Yin Yang)
  • Veronica McKenzie (a.k.a. Roni from Shave and a Haircut)
  • Isabel Johns (Synergy)
  • Katie Milner (Primal)
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