Stands for Elemental Collective League for International Peace and Security Enforcement.

A team of elite Elementals brought together by Sanura to counter threats conventional agencies can't cope with. It has some support from the A.S.A. but in a very hands off black bag manner very few people at ECLIPSE that don't work for the ASA know they exist or have any involvement with ECLIPSE.

Head Quarters

ECLIPSE have their headquarters inside a mountain which has been hollowed out by dragons. It contains normal accommodations as well as specialist training rooms. It also has a support staff to provide backup, intelligence, and logistical help. There are 3D pictures available in: http://morfs.nowhere2go.org/nexus/nexus.html
Klik on the picture for a more detailed look, the living quarters, gym, recroom, classrooms and such can be looked in close detail after clicking on the map of that section.


ECLIPSE has access to some specialised equipment including custom armour designed for its operatives. It is nanotech based all black with an illuminated Chinese symbol representing their element. The armour provides protection from physical attacks as well as providing a limited oxygen supply. The armour integrates voice activated communications system into its helmet to allow the team to work together more effectively.

Team Members

  • Fire - Inferno
  • Water - Torrent
  • Stone - Grit
  • Metal - Alloy
  • Electricity - Blitz
  • Air - Flutter
  • Light - Shine
  • Ice - Glacier
  • Heat - Sizzle
  • Energy - Recoil
  • Radioactivity - Atom/Nuke
  • Bio - Poison
  • Time - Instant
  • Dark - Void
  • Magma - Molten
  • Sound - Echo
  • Chemical - Catalyst
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