Black Dragon

Black Dragon use has been linked to exacerbating the effects of depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, bronchitis, and emphysema.
Little else is known at this point.


Taking the knowledge from the production of Inferno, scientists researched other plant that could be spliced together. Illegal experiments on animals eventually produced Bliss.

Although created in 2066, Law enforcement agencies were unable to identify the drug until 2069.

It is a light hallucinogenic, though that is only a side-effect. The main effect of Bliss is that the user is more susceptible to suggestion, psychic or otherwise.

Continued use of Bliss eventually leads to psychoses.

MBE's often mistake the withdrawal symptoms with the onset of madness or psychoses


Comet is a very nasty mixture of Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and caffeine, created by an unknown chemical elemental in the early 2040's. Comet comes in tablet or capsule form as a powder. Stimulant effects of Comet include increased blood pressure and heart rate, loss of appetite, rapid sweating, and a dry mouth and throat.

Effects from long term use include (but is not limited to):

Short-term memory lapses
involuntary teeth grinding
rapid, uncontrollable eye movements
Several hours of restlessness following primary subjective effects, often accompanied by a peaceful, "glowing" feeling
A period of general malaise following primary subjective effects, normally resolving within a few days
Mildly-blurred vision following primary subjective effects, gradually resolving over a period of up to several days, also known as "plurring"
Hyperthermia (due to an intemperate environment and/or lack of hydration and/or rest from physical activity, usually dancing)
Dehydration (due to an intemperate environment and/or lack of hydration and/or rest from physical activity, usually dancing)
Hyponatremia (due to drug induced antidiuretic hormone release and/or excess compensatory intake of fluids, a rare complication

Comet was proved to be a neurotoxin by Dr Richard Dale in 2049. Dr Dale also proved that Comet attacked the liver and kidneys.

Inferno ( the illegal drugs )

Appears in “Kurumi” by Xenic and “Catalyst and Something Fishy” by Shrike.

The origin of the drugs is obscure, as is the time when it was first made. Initially a Bio-Elemental merged two drug producing plants to a new hybrid. The leaves of that plant were made into something that was smoked by people.

Later a Chemical Elemental partnered up with some producers of the drug and they were able to refine and alter the effecting components into materials from which a pill could be produced. The material and subsequently the pill is brightly red colored. The drug has to be made exclusively by Chemical Elementals.

Law enforcement agencies around the world were alerted to this new drug in 2060.
It is produced in several illegal labs, but one of the main labs is located somewhere in Freeventure.

The effect of the drugs is that it kicks the metabolism of the user in high gear. The body temperature will increase a lot. Some people will be in danger of overheating. Users generally will wear less clothing because of this. They will have to eat a lot of food and / or lose body fat. The senses of touch, taste and smell will be heightened. This creates a euphoria when eating, smelling, or touching things. However pain receptors are dulled to the point where they feel almost none anymore.
Usually the drug is used in combination with a daterapedrug like GHB or Rohypnol.

Repeat users maintain a higher than normal body temperature and have a decrease in body fat. That is also the reason some wealthy people started using it as a means to lose weight. It can also induce paranoia, delusions and emotional outbreaks with users. It varies on persons individually.

When people want to stop the drugs, they go into violent withdrawal symptoms. They have shakes, feeling sick and cramping and everything tastes bland, smells vaguely and the touch feeling is reduced to where they sometimes hurt themselves. Normally an MBE can heal a patient of diseases and injuries. But the drug creates a barrier within a user which makes it at this time impossible for an MBE to help and treat a patient.

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