Database Registration Form

All MORFS-affected citizens must complete the following for in order to be admitted into the International MORFS Registry Database.

Name: Please List Government Registered Name

Other Aliases/Nick names: Please Fully Disclose All Aliases

D.O.B.: Please List

Sex: Please List As Accurately As Possible

Brief Physical Description: Please Give As Detailed A Description As Possible, Including Eye & Hair Color and Height(inches and centimetres)

Power Rating Scale of 1-15

Threat Level Choose one of the following
green.gifHas moderate powers but responsibly uses abilities.
yellow.gifStrong enough to be dangerous. Powers are under control and
shows no signs of improperly using powers.
orange.gifSubject to outbursts of temper, and enough power to be
red.gifUnstable. Dangerous to general Public

First Appears in:

  • Please List

Stories as Main Character:

  • Please List

Stories as Minor Character:

  • Please List

Stories as Guest/Cameo Character:

  • Please List

Physical Enhancements:

  • Please List Any Relavent Notes

Speciality Class/ (Please indicate)

  • Please List Any Relavent Notes

Affiliations / Group Membership:

  • Please Fully Disclose Affilliation
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