The Standard Converter Powers

Converters are able to convert one form of energy into another, Converters are often mistaken for elementals. True Converters can absorb and convert any form of energy. Some Elementals are able to convert another type of energy to fuel their own elemental energy. This does not qualify them as Converters, as they can only absorb one type of energy for conversion.

Converters are able to store absorbed energy for a short time to gather an amount of energy before releasing it as a different kind of energy. The amount of energy and the time period involved depends on the strength of the Converter. Note, the energy absorbed is not the same form as the energy released. That is one difference between a converter and an elemental.

Another difference is that a converter cannot generate anything. He / She has to absorb some kind of energy before emitting any. But as lots of things are energy (including gravity) this usually is not a problem.

Characters with this power:

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