Cameron Tracy McMichael

Name: Cameron Tracy McMichael

Other Aliases/Nick names: Carmen, Chameleon

D.O.B.: November 11th, 2028

Sex: Female

Brief Physical Description: shoulder length black hair, Hispanic features, 5'5" 165cm.

Power Rating: 5

Threat Level
yellow.gifStrong enough to be dangerous. Powers are under control and shows no signs of improperly using powers.

First Appears in: Losing Myself by Stephanie B
Stories as Main Character:

Stories as Minor Character:

  • None

Stories as Guest/Cameo Character:

  • None

Physical Enhancements:

  • None

Specialty Class/ Telepath
Cameron is a very powerful telepath with a natural shield. She's able to read most people with little or no effort. Often she doesn’t realize she’s read them until the information just pops into her head. She is also able to sense the distance and direction that a person is from herself. This is interpreted as a visual image of the person using what ever information is available about the person, including the persons own self image. This is not remote sensing, just how she processes the information she is getting. If the person is known to her, she will be able to find them from a considerable distance.

Specialty Class/ Empathy

Specialty Class/ Shape Shifting
Cameron can alter her appearance to look like anyone who she is able to get a DNA sample of. If the person is alive, she will link telepathically with that person.

Affiliations / Group Membership:

  • unnamed government agency for monitoring MORFS survivors.
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