Story by: Tegrahchan
Locations: New Jersey
Date set: 2047
Date first published: 19th of September 2007
Number of Parts: at least 3
Main Character/s:

Other Characters:

  • Ichiro Furumori - Kumiko's adoptive Father
  • Amaya Furumori - Kumiko's adoptive Mother
  • Sachiko Furumori - Kumiko's adoptive Sister
  • Dr. Mapleton - Adversary
  • Sergeant Lando Johns - Maren's uncle and former colleague
  • Maren ZoĆ« Johns - Kumiko's friend a.k.a. Synergy
  • Gabe Kramer - Maren's friend a.k.a Blitz

A grown handicapped man disappears.
A little hybrid girl with amnesia appears.
Is it coincidence? Or are they related.
Why does an injured doctor steal a piece of evidence and why is a military unit involved?

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