Bio Elementals

Some special examples of Bio Elementals exist in the universe most notably Angel O'Connor (Angel's Tale) and Amy Cox (Journey To Humanity). They have extra abilities beyond the norm which are very rare and unlikely to occur in a run of the mill bio elemental.

The following is clarification from Britney on how Bio elementals should work in general:

Bio elementals do not inherently have the ability to perceive pending MORFS changes or customize MORFS in any way.
Angel and Amy are the only exceptions to this and cannot give this power to others. this power is separate from bio elemental skills.

The Standard Bio Elemental Powers

this is the package of powers i originally intended bio elementals to have when i posted them in the list of available elementals.

  • can perceive on a cellular level.
  • can create custom toxins, poisons, vaccines, etc. (this is used by Bio dragons, creating a toxin designed to affect only it's target's DNA)
  • and heal wounds or cause decay (kind of a light side dark side type of thing. giver or taker of life.)
  • perfect immune system, not able to morf twice.
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