Benito Sanchez, a.k.a. Passaro

Name: Passaro Sanchez

Other Aliases: Benito Sanchez (Original Name)

D.O.B.: 29 June 2035

Sex: Outwardly female, but is a fully functional hermaphrodite.

Brief physical description:
Extremely long tawny hair, (mix of browns, blonds, and white). Large wings, when folded reach about a head above her 6'2" height, spread about ten feet wing tip to wing tip. Extra long fingers (index finger about 5") with talon like retractable claws. Extra long upper and lower canines, visible slightly when he smiles, other wise hidden.

First appears in: Passaro or My Life as a Bird.

Stories as Main Character:

Character Bio:
Born in Lawrence Kansas, just as SHAME was starting to become established. Passaro's father having seen the way the wind was blowing, had taken to hiding his cat ears in a ten gallon hat which fit well into his occupation as a cattle rancher.

Unfortunately it was soon apparent that Passaro had been dealt a poor lot in life, namely his hips were deformed, and he would never walk normally. However, his parents encouraged him to lead as normal life as possible, not making any great concessions. This set the tone for his early years, to the point where he insisted on making his own way as much as possible.

He had been looking forward to his thirteenth birthday, where he would finally be a teenager, and to hopefully spending some quality time over the summer holidays with Jessica, who he had a great crush on. However he came down with MORFs becoming an obvious, hybrid in a State that has enacted laws discriminating against him and his kind. See [[Shame]].

Extraordinary Abilities and Physical enhancements:

  • Flight
    • Cruise speed of up to ~ 75 mph (120 km/h)
    • Stoop speed of up to 250 mph (400 km/h)
    • Can pull out from a stoop in about 75 feet (23 m), either stopping or converting vertical speed to temporarily increase horizontal speed at about a 2-1 ration (400 km/h vertical becoming 200 km/h horizontal).
    • Can carry up to 80 lbs when flying.
  • Vision
    • 2000/1 vision (can see at 2000 feet what an average person can see at 1 foot. So theoretically, if he could get someone to turn the pages, he could read a paperback book 2000 feet away.
    • Visual range extends into the near and far infrared spectrum in addition normal colour vision.
  • Hyper-acute sense of balance makes it virtually impossible to imbalance him, or knock him off a perch.

Supernatural Abilities / Powers:


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