Amanda Wilson

Name: Amanda Wilson

Other Aliases/Nick names: Mortimer Wilson (original name), Tish (Nick Name)

D.O.B.: May 16th 2020

Sex: Female

Brief Physical Description: Brown hair, no visible irises, nictitating membranes on eyes, 6'1" 185cm, brown and white scales on sides of face middle of back hands and feet, talon like nails, Chameleon like tongue.

Power Rating: 6

Threat Level:
yellow.gifStrong enough to be dangerous. Powers are under control and shows no signs of improperly using powers.

First Appears in:

Stories as Main Character:

Stories as Minor Character:

Stories as Guest/Cameo Character:

Extraordinary Abilities and Physical enhancements:

  • Increased Strength, Agility, Endurance and Stamina
  • Regeneration including lost limbs
  • Massively Increased grip on any surface due to setae on hands and feet
  • Double jointed fingers thumbs and toes
  • Chameleon like tongue stretches up to one body length , able to project from mouth at speed and grab objects with adapted tip then retract
  • Hard talon like nails on hands and feet

Speciality Class/ Hybrid
Reptilian: Partial » Scales on sides of face, shoulders, middle of back, hands, and feet Nictitating membrane on eyes. Setae on pads of fingers and toes allowing improved grip on any surface. Double jointed Fingers, thumbs, and toes. Hard Talon like nails on hands and feet. Chameleon like tongue stretches upto one body length able to project from mouth at speed and grab objects with adapted tip then retract.

Speciality Class/ Elemental

Speciality Class/ Psionics

  • Empath - Can sense emotions of other, some ability to project emotions, very high autonomic resistance to telepathy.
  • Illusionist - Localised to a shell 5-10cm around her body by default automatically renders her invisible. Shell also dampens sound, scent, and increases telepathic resistance. Illusion distorts under motion. Able to consciously alter illusion to some degree.

Affiliations / Group Membership:

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