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Authors Note
if you intend to use an ASA char or Chars, please contact Nist via the forums first, detailing what you intend to do. (email is also as good, but i check the forums more often, the spam to my email address is annoying). Its nothing personal, its just the ASA is supposed to be very small and in most cases won't get involved, they just don't have the man power to be a part of every issue effecting morfs and its survivors, so if there are systems in place already to deal witha sitruation, chances are they wont. though passing agents might get involved of their own back if they think they can help, and it doesn't effect other missions parameters.

Note from Britney If you intend to use the ASA in your story, you must contact Nist for permission via the forum PMs. His reply needs to be forwarded to me or i will not post your story. Nist is in charge of all things ASA.

What is the ASA?
The ASA, is the Alliance Security Agency. A clandestine black ops unit, they monitor the extreme cases of morfs and intervene where necessary to protect human life as much as possible. They consider it their duty to protect those who can not or are unable to protect themselves. Whether this threat is from uncontrollable MORF survivors, Homicidal morfs users, or people with a hatred for those somewhat different. In the cases where a person is deemed a threat to humanity, the ASA will go to all lengths to ensure that the threat is neutralised. Permanently. The ASA function prodominately in cases where normal channels are inefficient or non effective. Primarily the ASA will deal with the 0.075% of the population which are considered Super, and some of the higher end extra-ordinaries. Preferring to and assist normal authorities in matters, it is rare for ASA agents to openly act preferring to appear to be from other organisations or to simply not be detected operating at all.

The ASA is seperate from any one governments control and is an alliance of several groups put together to curtail the threat of a war caused between those who have been through MORFs and those who received no physical changes. Despite this it does have close ties with it's parent nations and will as a matter of course will assist where possible when ever called upon to do so.

The ASA is a relatively tiny organisation, with less then a few hundred personnel in the US and maybe up to a thousand world wide.

ASA Command Overview
The ASA breaks down its operational units into groups which cover certain geographical areas, in this way there are 6 Continental Generals, each of whom is responsible for his or her continent. Below them, depending upon population density they will assign regions of varying sizes to Generals. Typically they try to have one General for every 100 million people, though for higher density population areas the General may have a larger staff. The General is then responsible for the further break down within their region. They will have at their disposal shock troops, clean up crews and Agents. The shock troops, Trained personnel who are trained to work in small units of 4-10 with a verity of weapons and tactics. Typically these people are recruited from the US Navy Seals, the British SAS, SBS or any of a number of equivalent services. The Clean up crews consist of men and women who are trained for cleaning up situations, and where necessary running interference. Agents in Training often spend a lot of time working with one or the other of those two groups. Agents themselves are semi-autonomous, they tend to as a rule blend in with society or take on the persona of other agencies to do their work. Agents in a region might not be taking orders directly from their region or even continental general but working alone for the common good.

Agents function as the first and last lines of Defence. They as a rule tend to be the first on a scene and the last to leave. Depending upon the situation the first agent on the scene is god, his orders are law and can only be superceded by the Regional commander or above, and even then for that to happen the said agent must be relieved of duty. From outside appearances they are a law unto themselves. Seemingly functioning without purpose or orders. This is in fact far from the truth.

To protect their families and friends most agents tend to inhibit a disguise when on active duty, from simply covering anything identifiable to full body holograms. In any case code names are assigned to them to use when referring to each other. These simple names are usually pretty open and free for the Agents to choose from with the one exception that No agent ever chooses a colour as part of his or her name.

Colours are the elite agents of the ASA. Chosen by a unknown procedure they are assigned a name with a colour in its title automatically by the ASA computer systems. Colours themselves as a rule don't tend to show any superior skill or ability to any other agent. Their authority is no higher then a non colour agent, however those chosen to be colours tend to succeed far more often then those who are not. A person maybe named a colour for as short as one mission or for their entire career. Amongst the ASA it is considered an honour to be named a colour, no matter the duration. Though it is a honour that most veterans wouldn't have, but those that have wouldn't give up for the world.

Known Colours:

Colour Name Year of Death
Grey Sara Neumer (Grey, Sanura's Tale) unknown
Black Michael Neumer Unknown
White Cassandra Neumer Unknown
Gold Not revealed yet U/K
Purple Sanura Miller Unknown

Stories in which the ASA are in or mentioned:
Sanura's Tale

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