Name: Allison Marie Von Carstien

Other Aliases/Nick names: Ali, Alloy

D.O.B.: September 23, 2042

Sex: Female

Brief Physical Description:

Power Rating 9

Threat Level
orange.gifSubject to outbursts of temper, and enough power to be dangerous.

First Appears in:
*The Hardest Alloy
Stories as Main Character:
*The Hardest Alloy
*Sounds Like A MORFS Story
Stories as Minor Character:
Stories as Guest/Cameo Character:

Physical Enhancements:

  • Hearing: Perfect Pitch
  • Skeletal enhancement: Bones comprised of a unique, organometallic compound. Skeleton is hollow, allowing for natural movement despite the increased density. Ribcage is solid, protecting vital organs, however natural ribcage motions are maintained subconsciously by her elemental affinity.

Speciality Class/ Hybrid

  • Bearded Dragon: Subject's skeleton has multiple protruding spikes that pierce through the skin at most of her joints. These spikes lie flat and follow the motions of her body through subconscious use of her elemental affinity, however can stand on end when either provoked or by conscious control. A line of said spikes runs down her spine, and down a slim tail that extends almost the entire length of her legs. Another set of scales runs along the lines of her jaw, which also stand on provocation, due to conventional muscle contractions.

Speciality Class/ Metal Elemental

  • Long range, fine control. Capable of manipulating metals/metalloids on an individual, molecular basis.

Speciality Class/ Tamer

  • Specialized pheromonal-based control over reptiles.

Affiliations / Group Membership:

  • Please Fully Disclose Affilliation
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